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    Tips for Helping With 6 Children’s Behaviour Tip 1: Talk and Listen 6 Tip 2: Play 8 Tip 3: Understanding Changes 9 As TheyGrow Tip 4: Set Boundaries 10 Tip 5: Reward and Notice Good Behaviour 11 Tip 6: Build Self Confidence 12 Tip 7: Have Realistic Expectations and 13 AllowConsequences Tip 8: Deal With Meltdown Moments Positively 13 Tip 9: Look After.

  • Study Skills

    Paraphrase professor’s words. Take up as much space as needed. Review your notes every night. Create your own abbreviations. Jot down any ideas that the professor repeats. Notice verbal cues – “Now this is important”. Highlight your book/class materials. Write down all examples. Rewrite your notes after class.

  • Prewriting

    Prewriting as a Method of Discovery "Jeannette Harris stresses prewriting while stating that discovery occurs throughout the composing process, even in revision, when the writer is still ‘retrieving additional information, making further connections, recognizing emerging patterns’ [Expressive Discourse, 15].In prewriting as well as free-writing and keeping journals, ideas and.

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