Age To Age We Will Love You

Age to age we will love youLyrics for Age to Age by Janet Vogt. Age to age we will love you. Dawning light we will wake with you. Into night we will follow you. We will love you age to age. As the eagle flies to the heavens above, on wings of faith God will bear you up. As the lilies of the field neither toil nor spin, what splendor we find in the love God gives.

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Age To Age We Will Love You

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First Line: As the eagle flies to the heav’ns above
Author: Janet Vogt
Language: English
Refrain First Line: Age to age we will love you
Copyright: © 1996, 1997, Janet Vogt. Published by O

Nov 21 2021

Does Age Matter When It Comes To Long-Term Love?

The real truth is that there are so many other things that matter more when it comes to long-lasting love than how old the two of you are. A person’s age (compared to yours) is not as important as having good communication and knowing how to fight fairly so that you can keep your family together for the decades ahead.

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What Age Do Leo Women Find The Love Of Their Life?

You would think that a Leo lady, who thrives on adoration and admiration, would find the love of her life early on, but it’s actually the exact opposite! Instead, she prefers to soak up all the adulation throughout her 20s when she’s – in her mind – at her peak hotness.

What Is The Scorpio Woman’s Ideal Age To Find Love?

Scorpio women are known for being suspicious, and trust is required for a solid relationship. Because of this, it’s unlikely that the Scorpio girl will find the love of her life before she’s 28. By her late 20s, the Scorpio woman has outgrown some of the possessiveness that made her such a nightmare to date when she was younger.

When Is The Best Time To Find Love?

Some people get the chance to experience true love in their early 20s, while others wait an entire lifetime for this moment. This can be a difficult outcome to predict in life, but luckily, we’re here to point you in the right direction. That’s because finding love isn’t just about stumbling upon the right person at the right time.

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