Can You Drink Alcohol With Night Nurse

Isn t that an alcohol problem

Can I Mix Wine And Night Nurse?

Note to everyone else – don’t mix wine and night nurse. No, but your vagina may become inflamed. Thought that stuff was supposed to put you to sleep. Last time i had it i was awake until silly am you should never mix any alcohol with night nurse. IIRC even the fumes from alcohol in the room can cause imminent danger.

Can You Drink Alcohol While Nursing?

(7) Drinking while nursing will not help your baby sleep. In fact, there‚Äôs evidence that babies sleep an average of 20 minutes less after their mother has a drink [1]. After being exposed to small amounts of alcohol, akin to that found in milk after a mother has 1-2 drinks,…

Who Should Take Night Nurse Liquid?

People who are on a controlled-sodium diet. Night nurse liquid contains 37mg sodium in every 20ml dose. have a history of problems with drug or alcohol abuse, or suffer from alcoholism. Night nurse liquid contains small amounts of alcohol, equivalent to 72ml beer or 30ml wine per dose.

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How Much Alcohol Is In A 20Ml Bottle Of Night Nurse?

So each 20ml dose contains 3.6ml of alcohol. The trouble is, each 20ml dose also contains 1000mg paracetamol. So for someone with a drinking habit, a (160ml) bottle of Night Nurse would give them 28.8mls of pure alcohol, but would also give them the equivalent of 16 paracetamol tablets.

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