Can You Put Vaporub In A Diffuser

Can you put vaporub in a diffuserCan you put vaporub in an oil diffuser If making herbal remedies is new to you, this is a great starter salve. This vapor rub goes together quickly and easily, so you can be using it just a couple hours after starting. Even faster if you put the finished product in the refrigerator to harden it up faster. Is your nose stuffy? Feeling a little phlemgy?

Can you put vicks vaporub or drops in humidifier

Can you put Vicks rub in a diffuser? No because there is no place for it, it’s cool mist so doesn’t evaporate the Vicks lqd & the shape of the unit also discourages it. I find this is a pretty good though expensive humidifier but the diffuser portion dies not work at all.

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