Cherry Teat Dummies For Newborns

Baby soother pacifier dummy pack of 3 silicone cherry

How To Choose A Dummy Teat?

There are two main decisions to start: orthodontic or cherry teat, and latex or silicone? Dummy teats come in two shapes – round cherry shape, and orthodontic. The orthodontic shapes have a rounded top and a flat bottom, so that the top of baby’s tongue rests flat against the bottom of the teat.

How Do I Choose The Right Dummy For My Baby?

Choose a dummy that is the right size for your baby’s age. It’s usually straightforward – teats get bigger for older babies as their mouths get bigger. Most dummies are available in two options – under six months and over six months. Once you’ve work out which teat to choose, have a look at the rest of the dummy.

Are Cherry Dummies Better For Children?

Cherry dummies are generally considered a better choice for younger children as they will cause less confusion when it comes to feeding time. Silicone or Latex? Compare the Benefits of Both Materials

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What Do Cherry Dummies Look Like?

Although they can come in elongated forms, cherry dummies kind of look like a small ball on a stick – hence the cherry moniker. Their shape and style best imitates the breast, which is why they are also referred to as ‘most-like-mother’ soothers.

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