Child Draws Pictures Upside Down

Recording shapes upside down
  • Upside Down Horse Drawing

    How To Do The Exercise Step 1. Take a copy of Stravinsky’s portrait by Picasso and turn it upside-down. You can either print it or see it from. Step 2. Cover the portrait with a blank piece of paper except for a small section at the top. If you have the image on a. Step 3. Proceed to draw the .

  • Easy Upside Down Drawings

    Drawing upside down might sound like a challenge, but it can actually be quite easy—and fun! All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper. To.

  • Simple Upside Down Drawing

    It is time to make our own experience. Print out one of the following images (or any other). Hang it upside down about 3 feet (1m) away from you. Use a charcoal and a kneaded rubber if you have one. (Or whatever you have) and start observing lines, different values (different shades), and place them without thinking about what you are drawing.

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