Children Behave That'S What They Say

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What Drives A Child’s Behavior?

For these reasons, kids are driven by a yearning for security, a sense of belonging, and significance. When children feel these are lacking – for whatever reason, valid or not – they do what they believe will get them back.

When Is A Child’s Behavior A Problem?

A child’s behavior may be a problem if it doesn’t match the expectations of the family or if it is disruptive. Normal or “good” behavior is usually determined by whether it’s socially, culturally, and developmentally appropriate.

How Do You Talk To A Child About Behavior?

Talk and wonder with parents, and other adults who know the child, about what the purpose (function) of the child’s behavior might be. Observe children’s behavior (form) and pay attention to their cues. Cues help adults understand what children are trying to communicate with their behavior (function).

How Do Our Words Influence Our Children’s Behavior?

Our words become our children’s inner dialogue — and that impacts how they speak and act towards others. When parents focus on nice things to say to their kids, they inspire their children to spread kindness and respect.

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