Children Holding Up The World

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Why Are Today’s Parents So Unwilling To Raise Children?

The result, of course, is that today’s parents reflect an uncertainty produced by a society undergoing fundamental cultural shifts; in their mind, the jury is still out on how to raise children. Today’s parents reflect on uncertainty produced by a society undergoing fundamental cultural shifts.

Why Has The Number Of Children Being Held By Cbp Dropped?

The number of children being held in by US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) has dropped 88% between late March and late April, according to government officials. The decrease comes as a task force set up by President Joe Biden begins to reunite families that were separated under his predecessor Donald Trump’s "zero tolerance" policy.

What Is The Role Of The Family In Bringing Up Children?

Gone are the days when many families attempted to bring up children to be moral, God-fearing, and equipped to fulfill their obligations in service to the community. Instead the approach has shifted to being child oriented, yet with little clear parental focus on a desired outcome.

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How Can We Transform The Lives Of Our Children?

If we follow His way of doing things, the lives of parents—first of all—can be transformed. Then the lives of our children can take on new direction and emphasis. The results are likely to be profound and far-reaching. The Bible predicted we would arrive at a generation when the family would be in urgent need of reconstitution.

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