Crawl Under A Rock And Die

Crawl under a rock
  • Crawl Back Under Your Rock

    Meanings of "Go crawl/climb back under." English. It means that your presence is not required. That you are butting in and minding someone’s business that you should not have been near. That your input is not wanted. As if small arachnids, arthropods, critters, bugs crawl back under their rock/shelter to hide away from the world. Like. 1.

  • House On Rock

    The House on the Rock itself is a jewel, but the rest of the story is the attraction leading up to and following your visit to the actual rock pinnacle house. The true attraction is the following collection of Alex Jordan (and now on display) which consist of a collection of collections he has acquired for you to view. .

  • Crawl Out From Under A Rock

    What is the meaning of "go and crawl back under your rock

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