Dad Is Better Than Mom

Dad is better than momWhen it comes right down to it, both a Mom and a Dad have EQUAL capabilities in raising their child. What they do with those capabilities is up to them. The very fact that women are automatically given the upper hand in the court systems is a whole other issue that will be written about another day, but for now, it is what it is.

Mom better than dad

Dad Is Better Than Mom

There are a tons of reasons why dads are better than moms. I picked out the top 9. Here they are in no particular order: #1 – Dads are better at playing – Maybe we are just big kids, but we have more fun with the kids than moms do. We play more games, more sports. Heck we will even play with dolls if that is what our kids are into.

What Makes A Great Mother?

sentimental gifts you can give to your mother. Better yet, you won’t have to touch a single frying pan or get up at the crack of dawn to make it happen! Ahead, we’re sharing tips on what to write in a Mother‘s Day card to make it as memorable as possible.

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Who Is Better A Mother Or Father?

Dads are better. If your mind isn’t so incredibly blown that you need to take some deep breaths and sip some cool water, read on: Dads are much more laid-back than moms. From the other side, this might look like “Moms are more responsible,” but that’s just spin.

Who Knows Dad Better?

Jeramie Coleman knows firsthand those struggles with his large family … U.S., but instead of dwelling on challenges from the past, this Quad Cities father started “Do Better Now” as a way for neigbors to help each other out and to teach his children …

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