Funny Things To Write On Diapers

Write messages on diapers for the parents to read during

Funny Things To Write On Diapers

Here are some ideas for fun things to write on diapers:

  • By reading this message, you agree to change one diaper.
  • Just think… one day it will my turn to change your diaper.
  • Do you think this diaper makes my butt look big?
  • Why don’t you social distance yourself and throw away the diaper?
  • That’s how you bring about a change in the world, one diaper at a time.

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Should You Wear Adult Diapers Diapers All Day?

Yes it’s OK to wear adult diapers, especially if you are incontinent. If you don’t you will wet and mess yourself and you will see it through your clothes. I wear adult cloth diapers and plastic panties. Been in them most of my life due to an auto accident that left me incontinent.

What To Know About Wearing Adult Diapers?

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