How To Make Mom Friends

How to meet other moms 9 tips to make mom friends that

How To Make Mom Friends

How to make mom friends

  • Turn to technology. Peanut — a Tinder-like app for making mom friends — is ideal for new-to-town mamas.
  • Keep showing up. Whether you’re in a mommy and me class or a PTA member, be as consistent as possible with your attendance.
  • Put yourself out there. “Know that it’s absolutely OK to be open about your desire to meet new people,” Kirmayer notes.
  • Be yourself. Faking it until you make it is an effective skill — except when you’re trying to find your tribe.
  • Show them you like them. “When we’re getting to know someone we want to be thoughtful and add positivity to their lives through laughter, affirmation and acts of kindness,” Nelson
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    1. Do random acts of kindness for your daughter. Even though she may pretend she doesn’t like it when you clean her room, she really does.
    2. Trust your teen daughter. Let your daughter know you trust her.
    3. Remember her birthdays and respect the things that are important to her. In this way, you will be respected too.
    4. Take your teen daughter places.
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