How To Make The Terrible Twos Terrific

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How To Make The Terrible Twos Terrific

6 Tips That Will Transform the Terrible Twos into Terrific Twos with Twins

  1. SCHEDULE & ROUTINE. It is hands down, my #1 tip for managing the terrible twos.
  2. SNACKS. Snacks are life!
  3. KEEP THEM BUSY. Toddlers have tons of energy to burn off, and they aren’t designed to sit still for long periods.
  4. PRETEND PLAY. Pretend play is so important for toddlers because it allows them to learn and grow.

Do Terrible Twos Have To Be So Terrible?

But the terrible twos don’t have to be so terrible. Sometimes they can be pretty terrific. All you’ll need is a few tantrum-taming tactics, a sense of humor and a big dose of understanding and compassion. Here’s what you need to know to get through the phase known as the terrible twos (and turn it into the terrific twos!).

How Do You Handle The Terrible Twos?

The easiest way to handle the terrible twos is to try to keep your calm (yes, easier said than done), think of this stage as more positive than negative (which in many ways it is!), and keep these tips in mind: Stick to a routine as much as possible. Toddlers love predictability because it makes them feel safe.

How To Deal With Toddlers In The Terrible Twos?

Toddlers will find ways to test your limits and push your buttons. Stay calm and talk to them. Being positive will help them stay the same. Parenting in no way is easy and there is no one to teach you the right and the wrong. When you have a child in the terrible twos, oops the terrific twos it sure can be very exhausting.

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Is John Rosemond’s Book About The Terrible Twos Worth Reading?

Anyway, John Rosemond goes into much more detail about the development of toddlers in his book, Making the Terrible Twos Terrific! I highly recommend it to ALL parents!! It’s the BEST book out there about parenting toddlers. (Grab his potty training book while you’re at it too!!)

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