I Don T Want To Touch You Too Much Baby

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Is It Safe To Touch Another Person’s Baby?

However, in today’s world, particularly with the recent pandemic fresh on many parents’ minds, touching another person’s baby may be a complete no-no. You may not even be comfortable with a close friend or family member touching them unless they are clear of all illness and have sanitized thoroughly before contact is made.

Is It Ok To Ask Someone Not To Touch Your Child?

Again, if you or a child’s inherent boundary for personal space has been violated, you don’t need to “ask” someone not to touch. Feel free to tell another person not to touch your child firmly.

What Do You Do If You See A Baby But Don't Touch Them?

If you see a baby, and you want to touch them but you don’t, you can make them sick. I used to encourage people to touch their feet (instead of hands and faces) because I don’t want them to get the ojo.” She bites! “I shout CAREFUL SHE BITES! and jerk the stroller away.

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What Do You Say When Someone Touches Your Baby In Public?

If you prefer being blunt or would like to get straight to the point, this is a good comment when someone tries to touch your baby out in public, or you are taken by surprise. “We’re trying to teach our children early on about ‘ consent ’ and ‘respecting personal space.’ So I’d rather you ask me first.”

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