I Just Gave My N Head

Die when you die stick n pokes

What Is Give Head?

give (one) head. vulgar slang To perform oral sex on one, typically a male. She gave me head on the first date. Our sex life is great, except that he refuses to give head.

Why Does Stuff Like This Fill Up Up My Head?

Stuff like this filled up my head so that there was no place left for just a thought about girls, more so even the thoughts to manipulate my body functions. For instance using the bathroom.

What Does It Mean To Live Inside Your Head Too Much?

It tells you that you’re being too ridiculous, or dramatic, or picky, or too sensitive, or not sensitive enough the voice that has an opinion on absolutely everything? That voice can be great at times, it can even be a life saver! But it can also be toxic. When you live inside your head too much, you start to believe your own bullsh*t.

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Can You Turn The Voice In Your Head Into A Positive Influence?

I promise you, you can take back control of your thoughts and turn that voice inside your head into a positive influence. It just takes a bit of practice, patience and self-control. Any time I notice that the voice in my head is playing tricks on me again

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