Importance Of Parents In Islam Quotes

Islamic quotes about family

Importance Of Parents In Islam Quotes

Importance of Parents in Islam

  • Obligations towards parents:. The Quran has made it compulsory for the child to treat his/her parents with all goodness…
  • Being patient and tolerant with parents:. The children must take great care not to react to what their parents have to…
  • The greater right of the mother:. The children must be kinder and more grateful to their mothers…

What Are The Rights Of Parents In Islam?

These, along with other Quranic verses and narrations (Hadiths) highlight the importance of parents in Islam and especially mothers’ rights; something that can never be returned unless with divine providence. One of the rights of the father is to recognize him as the root that has given existence to his children.

What Does Islam Teach About Parents?

Teachings about Parents in the Quran Muslim children are required to respect and obey their parents every day. Allah says that all humans should recognize their parents and this recognition should come second only to the recognition of Allah Himself. Allah provides the description in Quran and tells how one should treat their parents. Allah says,

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