Pampers Vs Huggies Vs Mamy Poko

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  • Pampers Dewasa Tena

    TENA adult diapers for women offer protection from heavy bladder leakage. TENA provides incontinent women underwear that feels soft and comfortable on your skin and absorbent enough for moderate to severe bladder leakage. And now try our improved TENA Overnight Underwear, now with TENA Intimates ProSkin Technology for a softer feel on your skin.

  • Pampers China

    Pampers entered the China market in 1998 with a strategy of making a cheaper version of their Western product. The result was indeed cheap, and also was of inferior quality. The product was perceived as plastic and irritating, and it didn’t go anywhere. In 2006 a revised product, called the Pampers Cloth Like & Dry, was soft, effective and .

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