The Nursing Mother'S Breastfeeding Diary

Diary of a breastfeeding mom
  • Momma Nursing

    State-of-the-Art Nursing with access to the latest technology and procedures that are transforming health care. . How cool is that! My cancer is back, it was my 1st infusion and she made me feel very safe and loved. Like I was in my momma’s arms." Thank you to nurses like Annie and to patients like Cori, for trusting us with your care.

  • Mother Baby Nurse

    New mother shares video of nurse trying to give her the wrong baby Josh Marcus. 11/03/2022. . “My husband’s entire job is to stay with the baby the entire time no matter what. This is a huge .

  • Cerebral Palsy Baby

    The leading, underlying cause of cerebral palsy is damage or an abnormality in the brain that disrupts normal development. There are many potential causes of brain damage, from maternal infections that impact fetal development to lack of oxygen during labor and delivery to an accident that causes traumatic brain injury in a baby.

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Video of The Nursing Mother'S Breastfeeding Diary

Watch this video about What I Eat Breastfeeding | Food Diary For Nursing Moms | (Duration: 12:41)