Water Wipes This Is Parenthood

Water wipes

Water Wipes This Is Parenthood

WaterWipes has launched a new campaign entitled #ThisIsParenthood in several countries including Australia, the UK, US and Ireland. The project is aimed at dismantling the perception among new parents that they should always portray a “picture perfect” image of parenting.

What Is The Brooklyn Brothers’ Waterwipes?

Creative agency The Brooklyn Brothers, London, collaborated with BAFTA nominated director Lucy Cohen to create an intimate film series that ‘aimed at breaking taboos and normalising honest conversation around parenting’, according to a press release from WaterWipes.

What Is Waterwipes' Campaign?

WaterWipes’ campaign was created in response to a global study that found over half of the 13,000 surveyed parents felt like they’re failing in their first year. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How Is Waterwipes Punching Above Its Weight?

Punch above your weight / In a press release for the campaign, WaterWipes described itself as ‘a challenger brand punching above its weight in a category dominated by big spenders’. The brand’s strategy relies on the power of the content to earn media well beyond its means, to have a cultural, rather than commercial impact.

Video of Water Wipes This Is Parenthood

View this video titled Breast Swelling Or Lumps In Newborns | Mommacool | Malayalam (Duration: 04:55)
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