What Is The Meaning Of Half Saree Function

Half saree amp dothi function
  • Odd Function Definition

    The odd functions are functions that return their negative inverse when x is replaced with –x. This means that f(x) is an odd function when f(-x) = -f(x). Some examples of odd functions are trigonometric sine function, tangent function, cosecant function, etc.

  • Mathematical Functions

    math.trunc (x) ¶ Return x with the fractional part removed, leaving the integer part. This rounds toward 0: trunc() is equivalent to floor() for positive x, and equivalent to ceil() for negative x.If x is not a float, delegates to x.__trunc__, which should return an Integral value, math.ulp (x) ¶ Return the value of the least significant bit of the float x:. If x is a NaN (not a.

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