When Can I Start Using Lotion On My Baby

When can i start using lotion on my babyYou may notice a rash or flaking skin after using something on your baby. This is why many parents wonder when they can start using baby lotion. Can I Put Lotion On My Newborn? When your baby is newborn, you may notice his or her skin is very flaky and peeling. Since it looks very dry, you may want to try and moisturize it with lotion.

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Can You Use Baby Lotion As A Moisturizer?

Yes, there is no harm in using baby lotion as a moisturizer. However, a baby lotion is supposed to be for baby soft skin that doesn’t need as much moisture and nourishment as an adult skin need. So the baby lotion would not be very effective on your skin. An adult skin needs a lot more catering to and it has a different complexity.

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