Why Babies Get Hiccups While Laughing

Why babies get hiccups while laughing(The babies starts to shout while running like the wind to try escape the boulder.) Tommy: Keep moving! It’s right behind us! (Suddenly, the floor open itself in front of them. Tommy, Phil and Lil make the jump, but Chuckie misses his, hanging on the brink.) Chuckie: Tommy! Help me! Tommy: Come on, Chuckie! (Back to reality: The boulder was Didi’s pregnant stomach.) Didi: Tommy!.

  • Funny Hiccup

    funny jokes. A man rushed into a hospital and asked an nurse for a cure for hiccups. Grabbing a cup of water, the nurse quickly splashed it into the man’s face. What did you that for? screamed the man. you don’t have the hiccups now, do you? said the nurse. No, replied the man. My wife out in the car has them.

  • Cute Hiccup

    5 Ways to Cure Hiccups – wikiHow

  • Hiccup Girl

    Three years prior, Mee had achieved national notoriety as “Hiccup Girl,” whose five-week bout of unstoppable hiccups made her a media darling. She made numerous appearances on the “Today .

  • Httyd Hiccup Crying

    How about Hiccup and Toothless in Httyd 1 and if Toothless realizes how much he matters to Hiccup in the first movie! Because here you have this boy, this Viking boy, who doesn’t fit in and actually refuses to fit in. Because he doesn’t want to change, he wants to be accepted for who he is because he knows he can never fit in the way they .

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